Stacy Conlon, The Zen Girl, Mindfulness is the key to a happy, healthy workplace.
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Stacy Conlon, The Zen Girl, Are you in charge of your company's wellness programs and want simple and effective solutions your employees will love?


Mindfulness Sessions

A TED Talk-style experience where employees will practice meditation and understand the importance of mindfulness.

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Guided Meditations

Get a live or recorded guided meditation customized to your company’s unique goals and mindfulness program.

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Wellness Coaching

During 20-minute “express” sessions, participants will get a specific wellness strategy they can start using right away.

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Mindfulness Programs

Get a customized program for simple, fun and effective ways to create mindfulness in your company.


Mindfulness Toolkit

As a part of Customized Mindfulness Packages, get a set of simple and practical tools that can easily be integrated into daily life.

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Wellness Assessments

This allows you to measure wellness both individually and company-wide so you can create an effective wellness program.

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What Others Say

Sarah Milstein, CEO, Lean Startup Productions
Sarah Milstein, CEO
Lean Startup Productions
San Francisco, CA

“We were really pleased to have Stacy lead guided meditations at our conference. Attendees who joined her each morning counted it as a great part of their experience at the event.”

Rachel Hazlatt, Mkg. Dir.
Osmosis Spa
Freestone, CA

“I highly recommend adding Stacy’s services to your event, conference, workplace or retreat. Stacy offered a calming and grounding meditation that helped us approach the debate with a clearer mind and greater wisdom. Stacy’s style of guided meditation feels approachable for anyone from any background.”

Josh Jacobs, Founder, moovdit
Josh Jacobs, Founder
San Diego, CA

“I would highly recommend this mindfulness presentation to other companies seeking new ways to pursue health and wellness. Stacy opened my mind to the importance of meditation, and I went from a skeptic, to a believer, to actually practicing in one hour.”



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